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I would always rather be happy than dignified.

Ingrid Michaelson covering Rihanna’s We Found Love

Did I mention that I am freaking PUMPED to see her (Ingrid, obvs) in less than a month? Because I so stoked. 

I hate Fox News, but we should all take a page out of Andy Levy’s book and remember that Chris Brown is a woman-hating piece of shit. There’s no amount of time and no half-assed, management-team-scripted mea culpa that will make that fact disappear. There’s no such thing as being “punished enough” when you make your girlfriend’s face look like it went through a meat grinder. 






Recently, I’ve notice a lot of media around Chris Brown. His performance at the VMA’s being widely and enthusiastically received. It saddens me so much for Rihanna, imagine someone beating you so badly, having it nationally publicized, that person barely serving any sort of sentence and then having him applauded at an award show.

I am a domestic violence survivor, and please listen when I tell you, people like that do not change.  Their anger may lay dormant for a while, but it will never go away. Abuse is about power and control, and the desire for those two things can not be taken away by some sort of bullshit therapy. Chris Brown was barely given a slap on the wirst, after beating his girlfriend, who he was supposed to LOVE.

No amount of singing and dance, no theatrical performances are going to change each punch and kick and bite. And it never should. Please reblog.

Why the FUCK doesn’t this have more notes? Oh right, cause people make excuses for poor behavior when it’s someone they like! Good job.

Reblogging this whenever it is on my dash. And you should too.

This is not something that should be ignored.

He hasn’t even apologized properly for his actions, not that it would change how disgusted I feel each time his song plays on the radio, and all he’s been doing since he’s returned to the music scene is complain about how the media is against him. Well gee, Chris Brown, I wonder why.

Also, it really isn’t. You’ve been extremely successful since you came back. It’s disgusting.

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