View from Twenty-Two

I would always rather be happy than dignified.

“If you know and love somebody who is gay and LDS (or Christian), your job is to love and nothing more. Let go of your impulse to correct them or control them or propel them down the path you think is right for them. Do what you need to do to move past that impulse. Do not condemn the choices your loved one makes. Love. Only love. Show your love in word and deed. Embrace them, both literally and figuratively. I promise they need it-and they need to feel like they can figure out this part of themselves in a safe way without ridicule and judgment. It’s what Christ would do. It’s what your loved one needs. Accept them. Love them. Genuinely and totally.”


A fascinating article from Josh Weed, a blogger, family therapist and Mormon, came out as a gay man - a gay man who has chosen to marry and have a family with a woman. The article was co-authored by his wife. The piece presents a totally new and interesting perspective, one that brings new meaning to the term “non-traditional family.”

Read an excerpted version on Gawker, or read the full-text at Weed’s personal site